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At F Pritchard Coal Merchants, we aim to please. We therefore offer a wide range of Clean Air Legislation compliant products, including traditional Welsh anthracite and a range of manufactured smokeless fuels. We are confident that we can offer a product to suit your needs.
Please be aware that it is no longer legal for coal merchants to sell housecoal or high sulphur briquettes in England, so all of the products that we sell are fully smokeless and of the highest possible standards to safeguard your health, the environment and your chimney liner.
Welsh and Scottish merchants are allowed to sell non-compliant products to their local customers but should not supply customers based in England with these non-compliant products as their sulphur content exceeds that specified by the Clean Air legislation. 

If you have a coal bunker or other space to store larger volumes of coal, our 50kg open sack deliveries represent an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags.

To guarantee quality control, every bag of coal that leaves our yard, either in an open sack or pre-packed, is filled by us.

Prices are below and we accept the following forms of payment: BACS, cash, cheque and card. Please note that new customers are asked to pay cash on delivery or BACS ahead of delivery. 
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Union Lignite briquettes


This is our alternative to housecoal. This manufactured briquette is designed predominantly for use on open fires, is quick to light and produces a pleasing heat. This product is only available pre-packed.

Oxbow Red

The formulation of this product was updated in 2021, and it is now a smokeless ovoid designed for open fires and multi-fuel stoves and suitable for use in smoke control areas.


It is ideal if you burn logs with your coal but works equally well on its own. It burns very hot and will stay in overnight, allowing you to run your multifuel stove 24/7 if desired over winter. 


Welsh Anthracite is a natural smokeless fuel which is suitable for use in cookers, boilers and other closed appliances. It is suitable for use in smoke control areas. We have found this product does not draw as well on a multifuel stove as the smokeless ovoids do.

We can supply this product as large nuts, small nuts or grains.

Oxbow Excel

Excel smokeless coal is is a high quality and reliable alternative to Anthracite which is ideal for use in closed appliances such as room heaters, cookers, and glass fronted stoves. 


It is a smaller ovoid than the Red and is approved for use in smoke control areas.

Heat Smokeless

Heat is a compact smokeless briquette which we are stocking as a replacement for Taybrite. It is suitable for use in smoke control areas.

Heat is ideal for those with small multifuel stoves that are mainly used on an evening. It is designed to be used on its own rather than being mixed with wood.

We also supply kindling.

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