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Welcome to our online shop

We are delighted to launch our online shop, offering delivery across the whole of England and Wales via pallet delivery for orders of a ton or greater.

Orders will be delivered on an 18 ton lorry so please note any access restrictions while checking out. We cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred whilst in transit and the driver will not be able to handle any bags. This is a kerbside delivery service only and the pallet is non-returnable.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.

1 ton of prepack Oxbow Red. When you order a ton of coal, you will receive a pallet much like the one pictured (except yours will be pallet wrapped to keep the products in place).

The pallets are stacked 5 bags to a layer and 10 layers high. This equates to 50x20kg bags.

The pallet will be unloaded as close as possible to your property, but you will be responsible for moving the bags to a safe location and for disposing of the pallet.

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