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Clean Air Strategy

Updated 25 Apr 2021

It has been confirmed that new legislation comes into force in England on 1st May 2021 but there is no need to change your fire or stove to comply with the new law. The main changes are:



We will still be able to deliver housecoal to you until April 2023 and nothing will change. However, from the 1st May 2021 there will be no pre-packed house coal for sale to pick up and take home yourself. This covers all pre-packed house coal in sealed poly bags sold through retailers (including coal merchants), supermarkets, DIY stores and garage forecourts. We will still be able to sell house coal in 20kg bags for collection from the yard until April 2023 (please note that bags will not be fully sealed).

Manufactured Smokeless Fuels

From the 1st May 2021 some manufactured fuels (known as briquettes or ovoids) will no longer be available and after that date only authorised manufactured smokeless fuels will be allowed for sale. The only product we sold which didn't meet the new criteria was Oxbow Red but we're delighted to announce that the manufacturer has changed its formulation and we can continue to stock and sell this very popular product as it now meets all required standards.

In time, all manufactured fuels will show the new Ready to Burn logo but it will not be on packaging from the start as we have been granted permission to use up our current stocks of packaging first.

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