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10 June 2024 Update: Summer prices are now available!

See the prices page for more information. 

Owned and operated by Ian Pritchard, a third generation coal merchant, we provide a range of high quality solid fuels, designed to provide you with heating and hot water.

F Pritchard Coal Merchants are approved by the Coal Merchants Federation of Great Britain so by choosing us to provide your smokeless products, you can rely on us to provide excellent customer service, knowledge of fuels and appliances, the law relating to retail coal deliveries and matters of safety.


Please be aware that it is no longer legal for coal merchants to sell housecoal or high sulphur briquettes in England, so all of the products that we sell are fully smokeless and of the highest possible standards to safeguard your health, the environment and your chimney liner.
Welsh and Scottish merchants are allowed to sell non-compliant products to their local customers but should not supply customers based in England with these non-compliant products as their sulphur content exceeds that specified by the Clean Air legislation. 

We are located in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, and deliver throughout the district and surrounding areas, including Gloucester, Cheltenham, South Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire.  

All of our products are available either in environmentally friendly 50kg open sacks that are tipped out into a shed or coal bunker or in 20kg pre-packed bags which can be stored inside or outside. The pre-packed products are also available as cash and carry from the yard between 2.30pm and 4:30pm on weekday afternoons.

We are proud to provide a professional and efficient service and would be delighted to advise on what products may be best suited to you, so when you're searching for a "coal merchant near me", give us a call to see how we can help you. 

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