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Latest News (Updated 25 April 2021)

1) We are no longer open on Saturday mornings for cash and carry. This service will resume in the Autumn.

2) The new legislation relating to burning of domestic fuels (the Clean Air Strategy 2019) comes into effect on the 1st May 2021. After this date, we will be unable to sell housecoal through third parties or in sealed pre-packed bags. We will however continue to deliver this product in open sacks until 2023.

3) Oxbow Red, our most popular product, has received HETAS accreditation and now complies with the new legislation so will continue to be sold. 

Further information on points 2 and 3 is available on the Clean Air Strategy 2019 page on our website.

Owned and operated by Ian Pritchard, a third generation coal merchant, we provide quality solid fuels designed for heating and hot water.

F Pritchard Coal Merchants are approved by the Coal Merchants Federation of Great Britain so by choosing us to provide your solid fuel you can rely on us to provide excellent customer service, knowledge of fuels and appliances, the law relating to retail coal deliveries and matters of safety.


We are located in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, and deliver throughout the district and surrounding areas, including Gloucester, Cheltenham, South Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. 

All of our products are available either in environmentally friendly 50kg open sacks or in 20kg pre-packed bags. The pre-packed products are also available as cash and carry from the yard after 2pm each weekday.














We are proud to provide a professional and efficient service and would be delighted to advise on what products may be best suited to you. 

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Details and prices for all of our products can be found on the products page of this website.